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Driving Rules – Road Safety Awareness

Driving Rules – Road Safety Awareness
• Obey Traffic Lights/Signals • Always follow road sign especially mandatory road signs (signs in circle shape) • A valid driving license is required and must. • Minimum driving age is 18 years. • Use of mobile while driving is prohibited • Seat belt is mandatory for driver • Seat belt is mandatory for person seating at front seat • Helmet is mandatory for motorcycle riding. • Follow speed standard/limit • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drug is prohibited • Follow Lane discipline • Do not change more than one lane once. • Red signal crossing is prohibited • Left hand driving- keep to the left of the road • Overtaking from right hand side • Give proper signal while changing lane • Turning without signal is prohibited • Overloading is prohibited • Stop before the stop line • Stopping on zebra-crossing is prohibited • Use of high beam light is illegal • Display plate L if you are learner • If the center line is continuous/unbroken then overtaking not allowed • Broken white lines mean overtaking allowed • Single yellow lines mean parking not allowed • Double yellow line means stopping not allowed • Overtaking not allowed at bend/curve/bridge • Give way to traffic coming from hand side. • Use of horn is prohibited near school/hospital/masjid
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